Religious Services

Right from its inception 207 years ago the A.V.Charities has been serving humanity in the field of religion and charitable activities by contributing to the performance of the daily pooja in almost all the temples in and around Mayiladuthurai and Chidambaram. [List of Temples is provided separately]. The Charities includes mass poor feeding at Chidambaram and Mayiladuthurai during festivals.

Social Services

A building was constructed by the charities at Manalmedu for housing the Local Fund Hospital. A general ward was constructed in Mahatma Gandhi T.B.Sanatorium in Sengipatti near Thanjavur. The Palakarai Bridge on the river Cauvery was also constructed by the Charities. A marriage hall namely, A.V.C. Kalyana Mandapam at Mayiladuthurai and Arcade Shopping Complex at Chidambaram are also provided by the A.V.Charities. A.V.C. Kalayana Mandapam is provided with free of cost to the various Social Welfare Organizations like Rotary Club, Lions Club, New Century Club, etc. Providing funds to the economically poor students for their better education and also granting funds for the marriages who have been below the poverty line.

Educational Services

By the efficient management of the Trust, it was possible to accumulate a surplus of Rs.2.5 lakhs. With this fund the long felt need to start an educational institution was fulfilled by starting the A.V.C.College in 1955, extended their horizon to Technical Education such as A.V.C.Polytechnic College in 1983 and A.V.C. College of Engineering in 1996 committed to Social welfare. During the year 1997-1998, Primary School was started as A.V.C. Velayutham Vidyalaya at Mayiladuthurai. A.V. Charities serves as Beacon light in the field of education to the innumerable youth with rural background. We are very glad to say that we are second to none in enhancing the young minds to compete the ever changing and challenging global arena.

Anbanathapuram Vahayara Charities (A.V.C), Mayiladuthurai